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we use a residue of fish for fertilizer, which we can also contribute fishing industry reduce in cost of disposal the residue. Fermented flesh and blood of fish are used for making fertilizer, which is rich for amino acid.

土佐ひかり くろしおくん

Garlic chive (Nira)

We used our company’s fertilizer for making this garlic chive that has high nutritional value. We also reuse unnecessary parts of Nira to make feed from it. Nira that has countermeasures against the increase in cost in winter can be grown abroad.


Egg: trade name: Jonetsu-no-Roberuto

Free-range chickens that feed natural resources took around beautiful Shimanto River lay eggs. A product of excellent quality made from our company’s combined feed.



We import eels from the Philippines with certain quality assurance, that we introduced our company’s combined feed and Japanese farming skills in it.


We use unused resources in the community to aim to reduce in cost. It is possible to produce made-to-orderfeed for your needs. We can also control nutritional value.


We cater to customer consult about importing pineapple from the Philippines but 1 container at the minimum.