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Make a glimmer of hope for people 100 years later

Thank you for seeing Tosa Hikari website. We manufacture and sell products and services making full use of the characteristics of Kochi.

Prior worked for an insurance company, facing severe circumstances of many customers' economic circumstances and social circumstances. I felt strongly that society's problem solving will lead to individual problems as the declining birthrate and elderly population progresses. To stabilize social security and prosperity of the region it is necessary to create a flow of people. I strongly felt the necessity of creating a new mechanism to be able to do because it is local, and I was thinking about how to do it concretely. And, as a child was born in Kochi, trying to act by yourself rather than waiting for something will be the starting point for your business. Just making individual profits can not solve the problem of the countryside. Make circulation of capital with a new mechanism that people and companies can connect and utilize their respective strengths, and from there create an environment that allows children living in the local area to make investments linked to the world. I decided not to postpone the problem anymore, and to leave "a society that can give experience and opportunities for young people of the future".

Today, our company has expanded the circle of business that creates a circulation model of the primary industry engaged by the majority of people in Kochi Prefecture, in collaboration with universities and local companies / high schools outside the prefecture. We are planning to thoroughly construct a system that circulates in 100 years even after analyzing and utilizing resources and raw materials in Kochi prefecture that have been overlooked so far, a wide range of proposals to customers who can do so because they are producers.

Building a business model that can support the future of young people together with young people, not the disadvantage of being born in Kochi Prefecture, as a strength. I believe that this initiative can be proposed and needed in the world from Kochi Prefecture, a declining area, in Japan with a declining birthrate and an aging population in the world. However, in order to solve the problem in our generation, customers, producers, private enterprises, administrators, people around the world are required. We are looking forward to your continued Hikari project.

Tosa Hikari CDM Corporation Representative Director  Hironori Kondo
Tosa Hikari CDM Corporation
Representative Director Hironori Kondo

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